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Our emotions make us sick

They disturb a Chinese feeling, a meridian, an organ, which promotes the emergence of a health problem. Discover the innovative and efficient quantum energy balancing Quant Qi Harmony method, associating ancestral Chinese acupuncture with quantum physics.

In continual research, for more than 45 years, of means to harmonise energies and neutralize quantum energy disturbances, Gérard and Colette Fiches have worked together to establish innovative solutions to balance you on the energy plan. Discover in Video the Quant Qi Harmony method and how our energy patches work!

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The 5 Jing Shen

The 5 Chinese feelings

Each feeling is linked to two organs by two acupuncture meridians: the YI (Spleen/Pancreas and Stomach), the PO (Lung and Large intestine), the ZHI (Kidney and Bladder), the HUN (Liver and Gallbladder).

Only the SHEN is bound to four organs by four meridians (Heart and Small intestine, Pericardium and 3 Heaters).

  • Shen


  • Yi


  • Po


  • Zhi


  • Hun


Our Quant Qi Harmony method

It allows to balance the patient: Stimulation of Energies (Qi, Yin, Yang, DAO), harmonisation of disturbed Chinese feeling, meridian and organ.

Modern medicine treats the disease with drugs, complementary our quantum energy discipline allows to regulate, the energies, and the sick organ.

Discover the Quant Qi Harmony's method
La méthode Quant Qi Harmony

Energy patches

Quant Qi Harmony energy Patches allow energy balancing of most health problems.

Une méthode éprouvée

A proven method

For years, our patches have improved the health and well-being of many people.

Sans risque pour la santé

Safe for Health

Without any chemical or biological substance, the patch can be associated with the medical treatment.

Facile d'utilisation

Easy to use

As soon as the patch is applied against the skin, energy balancing starts to act.

Exemple de patch

Zen Energy Patch

Soothe your emotional reactions…
Maintain your psychic balance in any circumstance…
Neutralize the consequences of your stress!

About this patch
Exemple de patch

Energy Patch "Slim and Burn "

Regulate your appetite…
Promote the elimination of sedentary fats…
Boost your weight loss!

About this patch


The energy balancing QQH allows to stimulate the energies, to balance the patient and the sick organ, which can not do modern medicine. Find a harmonious energy balance thanks to our energy patches adapted to your health problem and through an energy balance in a trained practitioner.

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- France

Bonjour à tous qui visitent ce site,Je suis thérapeute depuis presque 20ans et je pratique la méthode du Dr Fiches…

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- France

Un patient atteint de la maladie D’Alzheimer retrouve une partie de sa mémoire !

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J’ai souffert toute ma vie d’angines chroniques très douloureuses et récurrentes. Une par mois pour être…

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- France

Ma belle-sœur est enchantée du patch fibrillation, elle n’en a plus du tout, elle le porte jour et nuit

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SBonhoure France

- 67 ans - Valady - France

Nous connaissons le Dr Fiches depuis longtemps. Le Dr Fiches a soigné mes parents avec efficacité et une grande…

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Nicole Zander

- 69 ans - Vaison-la-Romaine - France

Médecin à la retraite depuis 4 ans, j’ai abandonné ma pratique médicale pour devenir thérapeute selon la méthode…

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(Français) Dr. Med. Urs Leggenhager

- (Français) Suisse

(Français) Selon le Dr Urs Lenggenhager, la méthode du Dr Gérard Fiches est „digne du Prix Nobel“.

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Join the group of practitioners, therapists and doctors training at the QQH method. You can then discover our vast area of exploration and energy balancing.


Our next seminar in La Grande-Motte has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It is replaced by a webinar.

Webinar on Saturday, June 27th and Sunday, June 28th

Every year, Quant Qi Harmony offers advanced training courses on a subject that is renewed each time.
In 2017, multi-resistant bacteria will be addressed. In 2018, viruses: their new therapeutic approach and the important role of astrocytes in the brain. In 2019: Broken heart syndrome, new encephalopathies, brain degeneration, DNA rejuvenation.
This year 2020: How does Covid 19 attack the human cell, as well as HPV and HSV viruses?
Pollution, spraying, toxic metals – how to get rid of them?
And other interesting topics as well.

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